Comflair seat heating cars

Customised seat heating

A warm car seat in just a few minutes!

Cold temperatures, cold car. And you'll know it within seconds of getting into your car: a freezing cold car seat for the entire journey.
for the entire journey. Recognizable? Let Interior Car Tuning do something about it! We install a seat heater that provides you with a cosy warm car seat in just a few minutes.
and that in just a few minutes. No more thick, long winter jackets, sitting on an ice cube, chattering away behind the wheel, ... Seat heating
is no superfluous luxury. Take a seat for driving safety with a super comfortable car ride.

Carbon seat heating by Comflair: quality you'll want to sit for

Interior Car Tuning installs carbon seat heating and there is a good reason for that: this high-quality seat heating is made for retrofitting.
for retrofitting. But that's not the only advantage of carbon technology in your seat heating system. We've listed 5 of them for you:

- Universal seat heating system, suitable for every make of car.
- Multi-purpose solution, suitable for both textile and leather upholstery.
- Quality assured with solid, high-quality and durable carbon.

- Comfortable from top to bottom, with even heat distribution in the seat and backrest. But also in the front and rear, with seat heating and rear seat heating.
- Made in Europe, TÜV type-approved quality that meets even the highest safety standards, EU certified.

Seat heating made to measure

We personally ensure that your car is quickly up to temperature on the coldest days of the year with a professional and safe
installation. You can easily set the desired level of heating yourself, with adjustable heat for your personal comfort. Carbon
seat heating is available in various switches. Do you have personal wishes? Custom-made heating elements, adapted controls, a specific wiring, ...
Feel free to let us know and we will tell you all about the possibilities as a specialist in custom-made seat heating.

Easy to operate, invisibly concealed

The operation of your car seat is always within easy reach: we mount the switch in the dashboard or in the car seat. The
The heating elements are custom-built and concealed in the car seat. So you can enjoy the exceptional comfort and ease of use of a
seat heating without disturbing the looks of your interior.

Interior Car Tuning mounts your Comflair
seat heating to measure: contact us for more information, we will be happy to inform you about the different options.

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