Interior Car Tuning nv - Production process


The quality may, however, exude old-fashioned soundness, but our computer-driven production processes belongs to the absolute peak and perfectly match the latest technological developments.

Artisan pre-war quality goes hand in hand with the very latest new working methods like CAD. In today's technological revolution, ICT does not make any use of opportunities to further expand its knowledge and expertise.

Our technicians once again put on their know-how in scale, using a digitized model, the customer-validated prototype to transform into a final product that will provide years of satisfaction.

An extensive database enables us to make all changes made by the manufacturer throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle. Within the close range of customer specifications, our full attention is, among other things, to the seamless integration of all airbags in seats and door panels.


LHigh-tech workmanship ensures unmatched cutting quality. Since 2001 this CAD cutting machine is in our company. This computer-controlled installation, designed specifically for our needs, fully automates the following tasks:

  • Scanning of the skins.
  • Detect and locate defects in the leather by means of a laser system.
  • Fitting the pieces to minimize the cutting loss of the leather.
  • Cutting the leather through tangential or circular knives or a special tool for inserving.
  • After careful selection, all leather pieces that come in contact with the frame and the base of the seats are provided with a foam layer for more comfort.


  • Our ineffective "Haute Couture" house style not only thanks to the quality of the carving but also to the impeccable final finishing of the product.
  • Interior Car Tuning nv employs traditional assembly methods, with each piece being focused with the greatest care on a sustainable whole.
  • Craftsmanship, years of experience and rich tradition have led ICT nv to manage this quality work today.

Regarding the cutting of skins or any other processing, we firmly believe in professionalism as the ultimate guarantee of quality. Choosing for ICT nv is choosing a European, but mostly Belgian quality.

Each leather item is carefully assembled in our workplace at Lier, and demonstrates high-quality traditional craftsmanship.

A hand-stitched leather interior based on strictly selected skins will provide you with the ultimate comfort for years.